The Bill Bailey Preventionist of the Year Award

In honor of the integrity and growth Bill Bailey brought to Indiana Prevention, the Division of Mental Health & Addiction is seeking nominations for the Indiana Preventionist of the Year Award.

In honor of Bill Bailey, please nominate a fellow preventionist that exemplifies our work.

Winner will receive free registration, two-night hotel stay, and mileage compensation for attending the IN Prevention Conference: Many Voices, One Vision and invite two (2) additional team members to attend with same amenities.

*Nominations close on Friday, October 10, 2023 by 11:59 pm EDT.

Nomination Criteria

Nominees must live and/or work in Indiana.

A minimum of 51% of the nominee/candidate’s current work must be in the primary prevention field.

Nominees must be in the prevention field a minimum of three years.

Bill Bailey was a leader in Prevention in Indiana. He served for over two decades as the Director of the Indiana Prevention Resource Center (now Prevention Insights). He was instrumental in moving Indiana’s prevention system towards an evidence-based system. He had this vision early and Indiana was one of the first states in the US to move toward prevention efforts based on data of what works. This legacy continues today with the many communities using the Strategic Prevention Framework to assess and identify the prevention needs of their communities.