The Bill Bailey Preventionist of the Year Award

Liliana Quintero

Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition

Liliana Quintero has served as the Executive Director of the Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition (NIHHC) since 2005. Liliana has worked tirelessly to bring substance misuse and mental health promotion interventions to the adult and immigrant community by offering prevention groups. Liliana has spent countless hours finding ways to partner with schools, businesses, churches, and other not-for-profit organizations to hold Bienvenido (Welcome) groups in the Latino community. Liliana has created spaces for youth to learn about mental health in schools. She has successfully implemented the Bienvenido Program in two school districts in Elkhart County and impacted over 500 adults and adolescents these last few years. Her can-do attitude gives her an edge in her work and the organization has grown immensely and the Latino community trusts the Northern Indiana Hispanic Health Coalition because of Liliana. She is a true champion for prevention work in Northeast Indiana.

Nomination Criteria

Nominees must live and/or work in Indiana.

A minimum of 51% of the nominee/candidate’s current work must be in the primary prevention field.

Nominees must be in the prevention field a minimum of three years.

Bill Bailey was a leader in Prevention in Indiana. He served for over two decades as the Director of the Indiana Prevention Resource Center (now Prevention Insights). He was instrumental in moving Indiana’s prevention system towards an evidence-based system. He had this vision early and Indiana was one of the first states in the US to move toward prevention efforts based on data of what works. This legacy continues today with the many communities using the Strategic Prevention Framework to assess and identify the prevention needs of their communities.