The Division of Mental Health and Addiction aims to convene statewide primary prevention partners to share best practices and programs exemplifying the strategic prevention framework and collaborate to strengthen statewide primary prevention efforts.  The topic of prevention is broad, and its definition offers opportunity for a wide spectrum of topics to be addressed; Prevention is action taken to decrease the change of getting a disease or condition.

Tracy Tyrone Johnson

Raylette Pickett-Johnson

Tasha Wilkerson

Dr. Nadia Al-Amin

Dave Closson

Jackie Franks, MPH, CHES, CPS

Emelia Ottinger

Katharine Sadler,

Kathryn Ortiz, MPH CHES

Angela Wehner

Brian Mounts

MeriBeth Adams-Wolf, LCAC, CPS, CSAMS, MAC

Cris Henderson, MA, MPH

Michael Ross, MSW, LCSW

Adam Winkler

Dawn Pelc, MPH, MPA

Gilberto Pérez Jr., Ed.D., MSW

Kumud Krishna

Liliana Quintero

Chelsie Irwin, MPH

Sydney Whiteford, MPH

Conner McKinney, MPH

Dane Minnick, Ph.D, CPS, MSW

Any questions, please contact DMHA Prevention Conference Committee at [email protected].